Engagement Portraits at Charleston Air Force Base

Charleston Air Force Base Photography.jpg

I photographed Maura and Rob's engagement portrait at Charleston Air Force Base a while ago. But I recently came across this portrait session, and I thought it would be a good fit for summer.

Maura, who works with my husband at Ingevity and her fiancé Rob who works at the Air Force Base and is in charge of the cargo on these giant planes were a dream to work with!  My assistant Mea (a College of Charleston student) and I met the couple at the Charleston Air Force Base on a Sunday afternoon. Rob had to go through a lot of red-tape to get us all on the base.

It was my first time seeing one of these giant aircraft close up and the size is mind-blowing. Living in Charleston, SC, we see these planes in the air all the time, and they fly very low and slow. I have no idea how they stay up in the air? 

We set out to take creative engagement portraits that were unique to the location, and I think we nailed it! We also had some pretty stunning subjects to work with! 

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